An oil company decides to make its internal transformation visible by using a new graphic identity. An advisor analyzes the relevance of the change and establishes the course of action to develop the new visual language. The search for graphic quality is the driving force behind everything we do.
In the process of redesigning the brand, we followed different roads. However, the more we worked on it, the more we realized the real change was not in the brand itself, since minor technical adjustments had been made, but in the color and the graphics that should have been brighter and more dynamic than the original.
Raúl Belluccia, our advisor, guided us throughout the process and was vital for the relationship with the client. Based on the original navy blue, we used a new and brighter brand color that, together with the red and a neutral tone, make up the new institutional color range.
We added TypeTogether's Adelle typeface to Tobias Frere-Jones' Gotham, present in the original visual identity. Gotham was used in titles, highlighted texts, and short text segments. Adelle was aimed at longer text segments that require a focused reading process.
Within the brand graphic elements, we created a pattern inspired by the scaffolding structures that the company uses to convey the idea of construction.
During the process of developing the new identity, we supported the company in the creation of specific internal campaigns.

Campaña Ralentí