An elegant and serious Public Affairs company, self-defined as unique, modern and unconventional. The request to build an identity associated with Nordic graphics, transparency, quality, reliability and trust.
We used a neutral, subtle and refined color range. 
Sidebüro was born as a new Public Affairs & Business Strategy consulting company in 2020 Panama.

The Brand aimed at achieving a balance between transparency and trust as well as a strong and solid communication about Sidebüro being a company able to dispel and resolve any doubts. An image flexible enough to grow and spread to other public affairs business units. 

A logo that is entirely in blocked letters and incorporates the playful pun on the three dots/individuals. It is about the individual and group dynamics. A formal outline of the business argument: «Your affair, our affair».
At the same time, the brand should be perceived as familiar, friendly and dynamic. Sidebüro represents the evolution of the way the company works. Its business strategies and graphic identity seek to embody a solid player with wide experience and sound and strong communication.
The identity is shown by using a neutral, subtle and refined color range, and traces that come from geometric structures that are part of the institutional typography. Their components are sometimes displayed in the background, sometimes as image support, sometimes as miscellaneous vectors.