Farmacia Tres Cerritos
A Private Hospital engages in the retail business leading to a brand with graphic elements defined even before it was born. By retaking a previous project, a new identity develops. It is closely related to the original, but with its own characteristics and personality. It’s the same thing, but different.
Farmacia Tres Cerritos is a division of the namesake Hospital in Salta. The challenge of this project was to offer the pharmacy the graphic resources required in retail communication, taking advantage of the public recognition and trust that the Hospital has gained within the community.
Based on the three diagonal bands present in the Hospital brand from its beginnings, without modifying the institutional and secondary typefaces (Palestina by Rubén Fontana and Abril by TypeTogether), we designed a cross that would serve as a brand symbol and, at the same time, as the store urban sign.
We started from the original color scheme, continuing with the use of blue. In contrast to the proposed Hospital identity, where the strong presence of light blue is associated with medical health, we decided to leave the light blue out for the Pharmacy identity in order to highlight the use of the green, historically associated with the pharmaceutical business.
We added orange as a complementary color for the communication of special promotions and offers that adapts to the needs of retailers.
The graphic program established the criteria for the selection and production of photographs, as well as for the design of patterns and illustrations used in the diverse communication pieces.