We know that good design is a one-way trip. We always find a way back.
Because we are a team that goes further.
Design a one-way trip and we always find a way back. Because we are a team that always goes the extra mile.
We have fun thinking. In the process, we learn to see the unseen. Graphic quality is our driving force, knowledge is the ignition key, and sharing the road keeps us moving. That is the aim of
everything we do.
Cata Troitiño
Brand and graphic design
Cele Landes
Corporate Identity projects.
Motion graphics Specialist.
Mila Barro Beotegui
Digital and animated graphic design
Flor Sisti
I am a Visual Communication Designer (UNLP) and mother of three <3. I am enthusiastic, proactive, and passionate about typography, calligraphy, and art. I’m also a fan of field hockey and everything involving teamwork. I worked at and was trained in Globant from its beginnings in 2003. In 2008, I decided to become a freelancer working with photography, communication, and design professionals. In 2015, I took a specialized degree in Typography at the UBA. There, I met Sole, and then FontanaSisti was born ;-)
Sole Fontana
I'm a UBA graphic designer. Between 1994 and 2006, I learned to work with corporate identity systems together with my father and brother. In 2013, I obtained a postgraduate degree in Typography from the UBA, where I met Flor. In 2015, we joined our initials to give birth to FontanaSisti and keep on growing in the profession together. I love the idea of being part of our client's projects by bringing our expertise and also learning from their feedback.
We have the knowhow
to enjoy the journey.
And the necessary experience
to innovate and experiment with new ideas.